About PartnerCon

Connect. Learn. Plan. Transform. Celebrate.

This year, PartnerCon is being designed for Partners, by Partners. This means highly-focused and super-relevant content to get you moving in the right direction.

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Why Attend?


Build the connections to transform your business. 3 out of 4 Partners actually attend PartnerCon specifically to connect with others because they recognize the correlation between meaningful connections and business growth.


Whether you’re starting, running, or scaling, we have learning experiences designed by Partners for Partners.

Thursday and Friday include a ‘Pick 2’ series of actionable, Partner-led workshops in which you’ll make progress in your business by working on your business.


Develop actionable plans, knee-to-knee with your peers.

  • For newer Partners, making a plan for how you can offer, package, and position Infusionsoft with your existing services is a huge part of accelerating your growth.
  • For experienced Partners, the dedicated time spent stepping away from the daily grind to work on your business is of paramount importance.


Dedicate four days to working ON your business with hundreds of other Partners instead of working IN the day-to-day by yourself. Ask any Partner, doing this critical work, is transformative.


Collectively celebrate your victories to keep your entrepreneurial fire ignited and forge the grit it takes to keep pushing for business growth.

Partners on PartnerCon...

  – Sarah Laws, Law Marketing Consulting
  – David Holland, EXELA
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